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Welcome to the online home of Delta Chi Region IX! Here you will find information on the Region, its chapters/colonies, and events going on.

Region IX Regional Leadership Conference 2016

This spring RLC is hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University! Please go to the RLC Page for more information on how to register and reserve your room!

RLC Information and Registration Links Here!

Region IX News and Updates

DCEF UIFI Scholarship Opportunity

UIFI is a 5-day principle-centered approach to creating change within a Greek community. The program offers participants the opportunity to explore, define, and enhance their leadership skills, personal awareness, commitment to their fraternity, and grow to expect values based action from themselves and those they lead.The institute is interactive, fun, challenging, and intentional.

During a session, you'll experience hands-on interaction, experiential activities, discussion time, and personal reflection time. There is considerable focus on the positive aspects of fraternities in addition to important discussions about issues that threaten our future.

Participants rated strong growth in a variety of areas including:
-Personal leadership ability
-Personal courage
-Ability to develop a vision
-Personal commitment to integrity as a leader
-Appreciation for myself
-Personal commitment to leaving a legacy
-Commitment to living my ritual
-Appreciation for my own fraternity/sorority
-Appreciation for Greek life

A scholarship in the amount of $460.00 will be provided by the Delta Chi Educational Foundation (DCEF) to cover the full cost of registration. Also, provided is a travel grant (up to $140.00) offered by the Delta Chi Education Foundation. Any travel expenses incurred over $140.00 will be the responsibility of the attendee.

Applications are due March 15th, 2016. You can Apply Here.

As a new academic year begins, we're excited to see all our undergraduate brothers returning to their campuses and renewing the bonds of brotherhood that have waited over the summer. As we prepare for another two semesters of excellence in our fraternity we look back and celebrate the successes of last year! Please visit the Awards Page to see all of the Region IX winners from the 2013 - 2014 academic year! We congratulate all those who have won and encourage the rest of the region to stive for excellence and remember to submit your awards packet!

A New Year, Another Convention, And A New Executive Committee!

A new academic year is upon us, and we hope that you are all ready to enjoy a great semester in your chapters and colonies. This academic year, as we did two years ago, we enter into the fall semester with a new Executive Committee at the helm. That said, we are proud to announce that at the 59th Biennial Convention in Scottsdale, Past Regent of Region IX, New Founder, Past "CC" and Past "DD" Miles Washburn was reelected as the "AA" of the Fraternity. This is a proud time not only for the men of Massachusetts, but for the men of East Carolina and of Region IX. Below is Miles' speech from the closing banquet of the 2012 Convention.

Please join us in congratulating Miles as our reelected "AA"! It is certain that he, along with Aaron Otto, our reelected "DD" and Marquez Brown, our new "CC" will spend their term on the Executive Committee doing great things for Delta Chi!

DX9 Issue 1 Published!

It has been a long time coming, but its finally here! The first issue of the new Region IX newsletter, the DX9, has been sent to all chapter officers as well as selected support alumni, faculty advisors, and greek advisors. We hope you will enjoy this publication and use it to your advantage in visiting some other chapters! If you have any ideas for the newsletter please send them along to dchiregion9@gmail.com. We'll accept any story ideas, brothers you'd like to recognize, special events or accomplishments, as well as congratulations and thank you's. This is YOUR newsletter, help make it the best it can be for the region!

You can find the first issue right here online.

In order to further region-wide communications, we have also created a listserv. Please find it at www.googlegroups.com/group/deltachiregion9. All brothers in the region, undergraduate and alumnus alike, are encouraged to join!
For those who are unfamiliar with what a listserv is; when an email is sent to the listserv (deltachiregion9@googlegroups.com) it is then sent to everyone who has joined the listserv. The entire region can be kept in-the-loop without having to enter everyone's email, and all messages sent through the listserv are archived online at www.googlegroups.com/group/deltachiregion9. This is a great resource to add to the website, Facebook (please "like" it!), and newsletter, and the more brothers who join the listserv the better it serves us.

Excellence In Region IX! - 9/9/2011

Every year, undergraduate and alumni Brothers fill out the Awards Packet hoping their chapter or colony will take home an award. We would like to take some time to recognize all those from Region IX who embodied the ideals and values of Delta Chi and were recognized by an award! The winners of Delta Chi's biggest awards, the Composite Awards, are shown below. A big congratulations to them!

President's Cup

Red Division - Pittsburgh

Award of Excellence

Red Division - Pittsburgh
Buff Division - Virginia Commonwealth

There are many more awards, and many chapters and individual Brothers who won them! To see all of this year's Region IX Award Winners, please visit our Awards Page where you'll find the Composite Awards as above plus Core Competency Awards, Individual Recognition, and Alumni Recognition!

Region IX Under New Management - 7/30/2011

This past spring at the 2013 Region IX RLC, the Region reelected Doug, our Regent. After 4 years as Vice-Regent, Brother Doug Chananie stepped up into his new role as Regent of Region IX in 2011, succeeding Brother Kevin Pitchford. Brother Chananie, a graduate of the East Carolina Chapter, has served the Fraternity in numerous roles both as an undergraduate and as an alumnus. He has stepped into his role as Regent with goals in mind and a plan of action in place, and his past endeavors ensure he will certainly make great strides in achieving those goals!

Brother Chananie, in an effort to better serve the Region, has appointed Brother Steven Tambon, USP '12, as a Vice-Regent. Brother Tambon has served both on Exec Board and as a Committee Chairman as an undergraduate, and is excited to continue his service as an alumnus as Vice-Regent!

For more info on your Regent and Vice-Regent, please stop by our Regent page!

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