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Doug Chananie - Regent, Region IX

Brother Chananie comes to us from the East Carolina Chapter, a graduate of the Class of 2007. As an undergraduate, Doug served in many committee chair positions and executive board positions up to and including being his chapter's "A". By the time he was an alumnus, Doug was well-versed in holding leadership roles and had gained valuable experience dealing with a multitude of chapter issues and situations.


Once an alumnus, Doug became Vice-Regent of Region IX under Brother Miles Washburn (Former Regent and, as of this writing, current "AA") and became involved with the Cape Fear Alumni Chapter. After the 2008 Las Vegas Convention where Miles was elected "CC", Brother Kevin Pitchford succeeded Miles as Regent of Region IX, and Doug continued to serve as Vice-Regent.

Brother Chananie served as Vice-Regent, continued to be active with the Cape Fear Alumni Chapter, and pursued various other alumni interests within the Fraternity, networking and building friendships with his Brothers and their family along the way. At the 2011 Region IX RLC, after four years serving as Vice-Regent, Doug was elected to the office of Regent of Region IX. Doug succeeds Brother Kevin Pitchford, who remains active as a member of the Publications Committee. Having been Vice-Regent for four years, Brother Chananie has identified areas he would like to work on with the Region, and has set his plans in motion to make these changes. We can all look forward to some positive changes in the Region building on the work of his predecessors. In addition to serving as Regent of Region IX, Doug also currently serves as "A" of the Cape Fear Alumni Chapter and "BB" of the East Carolina Chapter.

Steven Tambon- Vice-Regent, Region IX

As an undergrad at USP, Steven served in as many committee chair and executive board positions as he could, including "A", AMC and "E". His drive to Charter USP drove him to do a lot of work, including writing by-laws ammendments, rewriting programs, organizing the Chartering petition and the Chartering Banquet.

Graduating with the Class of 2012, it wasn't long before Brother Tambon once again became heavily involved with Delta Chi. Almost immediately after graduating, Steven was asked by Brother Chananie to be the Vice Regent of Region IX and was asked to join the Alumni Envolvement Commitee under Brother Shriver, which he also enthusiastically accepted. Steven currently serves the Fraternity as Vice-Regent of Region IX and as an Alumnus Member of the Lifelong Commitment Committee, becoming the first Vice Regent of Area Alumni Support.

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